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Interview questions for UCSB freshmen who have studied the Holocaust in High school

Jeremy Garsha, based on Carp. Interviews (6/6/02); 2/06/03


  1. Introduction:

      Background of our work, I’ll do most the talking at first so they don’t feel so on the spot.  Tell them the purpose of it (or should the consent form do that?)  Hopefully we can set the right tone.  Set some guidelines, telling them that we are interested in their prior knowledge, their thoughts about the interaction with a witness, and memories of it now.  Lasting affects, etc.


2.  Icebreakers that elicit relevant background data:

Where are you from, where did you go to high school?  Have you ever heard a “witness testimony (about any topic) before?  What is your major?  What types of history have you studied? 

(I don’t think we’ll need these, but…)

What is the first historical event you remember?

If you could meet any historical figure, who would it be?  Why?

If you could go back in time, where and at what time period would you visit?  Why?


  1. The Interview:

When was the first time you learned anything about the Holocaust?

Have you ever visited the LA Museum of Tolerance, the DC Museum, or any other museum related to the Holocaust?  (IF YES:  What was most striking, what do you remember?  Did any survivors of relatives of survivors talk to you?)

Did you read any Holocaust related literature in High School (ex. Diary of Anne Frank)?

Have you seen any WWII or Holocaust related Movies?


Describe the Holocaust speaker that you heard:

Who were they?  Where from?  Any details really stick out (of hope or horror)?


  1. The Conclusion:

What were your overall impressions with this oral testimony?  When you further study the Holocaust (as you now are) does your past experience help shed some light on what you are covering.  Does it set a context?  Does it add a personal face to what you read?

How does oral testimony relate when compared to readings on the Holocaust, both primary and secondary?


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