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The Story of Holocaust Survivor Nina Morecki

Nina's Story
Nina's letter telling her story then and post war, and full transcripts of interviews with historians and students, and pictures of her family and return to Lvov.

Documenting Oral History
Steps for documenting and recording oral history, as used by students and professors to document the life of Nina.

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Frequently asked questions by Students to which she has spoken

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Welcome to the Nina Morecki Web site.
As a survivor of the Nazi genocide, Nina Morecki, as well as those who have studied her life, feel it is vital to remember the tragic events that became one of the main focuses of World War II- the Holocaust. This site's main objective is to educate students at the Junior High and High School levels about Nina Morecki and the events that changed her life. She is an active speaker at the local schools in the Santa Barbara, California area and welcomes the opportunity to tell her story. This website offers historical information, maps, and audio/video coverage that relate to her testimony.

Chronology of Events

1921 -Nina is born in Lvov Poland

1931-34 -Gymnasium.       

1935  -Nina is accepted to the University (Hebrew) Med. School, didn't go because the war broke out.

1939 -Russians invade Poland.        

1941 - July -Germans invade. Peace Pact broken, Russians are leaving.

1942 -Relocation of Jews -Lived in Newly abandoned quarters of non-Jewish Polish who lived in poverty but were moved to a better part of the city.

Timeframe is a little unclear between 1942 and 1943 (events are kind of blended together).

1944 -Works in post office in Russian which is occupied by the Germans.  Nina is posing as Maria, a Polish girl. Meets Hendrick (the lawyer) and Danosha (his girlfriend)

1944-45 -Meets husband Josef

1946 - moves to US

Post War

1988 - Josef's death

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