Webmaster Style & Standards Guide
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Consistent Typefaces

Document Preparation

Document Linking

Uploading & Updating

Other Considerations

Document Linking Within the Oral History Website

Adding Seminar Papers

Much of your job will consist of adding new seminar papers to the oral history project website. In doing this, you must properly categorize the paper and make sure to add the proper headers and footers (instructions provided here). Once you've uploaded the file, please make sure to build a link from the proper topical category - of which Professor Marcuse will inform you.

Adding New Categories

To add a new category, you will need to create new navigation structure originating from Nina's Oral History Project homepage. Moreover, please follow the standard formatting outlined throughout the other sections of the website, and be sure to double check that your links and navigation hierarchy are set properly.

Adding New Images or Media

When adding new images or media, please make sure to optimize them into standard web formats and upload them to the server along w/a referring document.