Webmaster Style & Standards Guide
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Consistent Typefaces

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Other Considerations

Consistent Typefaces

Standards Rationale

Typefaces such as Verdana and Arial were designed specifically for legibility on the computer screen; they have exaggerated x-heights and are very large compared to more traditional typefaces in the same point size. Arial, however, looks slightly better on the printed page than does Verdana, and therefore we have chosen a mix of Verdana and Arial as our standard fonts for this web project

Consistent Style Sheet

Throughout the documents and sub-pages, we have enlisted the help of a consistent style sheet, comprised of the following information.

  • Header 1 =

  • Header 2 =

  • Header 3 =

The style sheet may be found on the web server residing in "style/main.css" or you may copy and paste from the below which contains the source code for the style sheet.